A Versatile Woman with a Sharp Intellect

Meira Kumar is a decorated politician and former Speaker of the 15th Lok Sabha, who has left an indelible mark in Bharatiya politics. She was born into a family of leaders and activists, with her father Babu Jagjivan Ram being a renowned freedom fighter and advocate for social justice. This has inspired her to follow in her father’s footsteps and work towards creating a just society for all.

Before entering politics, Meira Kumar served as a diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, where she was stationed in Spain and the United Kingdom. However, she left the service after a decade of service to focus on politics, where she quickly made a name for herself as a strong advocate for human rights and the abolition of the caste system.

Meira Kumar is a highly accomplished politician, who has been a member of numerous decision-making bodies within the Indian National Congress, serving twice as its General Secretary and as a member of its Working Committee. During her political career, she has served on various committees, including the Public Accounts Committee and the Joint Committee on the Empowerment of Women as a Member of Parliament. Additionally, she also served as Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment and Minister of Water Resources during the 14th Lok Sabha.

Apart from her political pursuits, Meira Kumar has a passion for creative expression. She has published her poetry and paintings in reputed magazines and newspapers and was the editor of a monthly magazine called ‘Pavan Prasad’. She also has a special interest in visiting monuments, textiles, and crafts from Bharat’s rich cultural history. In her free time, she enjoys classical music, reading, shooting, and horseback riding.

As Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Meira Kumar made significant contributions to the advancement of gender equality in Bharatiya politics. She initiated the process of making gender-neutral rules for the conduct of the House, replacing specific gendered terms with gender-neutral ones. This was a groundbreaking step towards creating a more inclusive environment in the Parliament. She also announced the creation of a Parliamentary Friendship Group aimed at fostering closer relations between Bharat and Bhutan.

Meira Kumar’s commitment to justice and equality, coupled with her impressive political and professional credentials, have earned her a reputation as a respected and inspiring figure in Bharatiya politics. Her intellect and moral fortitude have earned her the admiration of people from all political backgrounds. She truly embodies the qualities of “simple living and high thinking.”

In conclusion, Meira Kumar is an exceptional politician who has dedicated her life to working towards creating a just and equal society. Her unwavering commitment to her beliefs and her passion for creative expression make her a true inspiration to all. Her achievements and contributions to Bharatiya politics are a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication to her cause.