Jennifer Bussell

Dr. Jennifer Bussell

Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
at the University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Jennifer Bussell, a distinguished professor of Political Science and Public Policy at UC Berkeley, is a leading expert in comparative politics. Her expertise encompasses political economy, representation, and governance, with a focus on South Asia and Africa. Several articles and books, including “Clients and Constituents: Political Responsiveness in Patronage Democracies” and “Corruption and Reform In India: Public Services in the Digital Age”, have been published by her.

With a PhD from UC Berkeley and prior teaching experience at the University of Texas, Austin, Dr. Bussell has conducted extensive fieldwork in 16 Indian states and other parts of South Africa and Brazil, resulting in a wealth of knowledge on the subject. She is highly regarded in the academic community for her expertise and contributions to the field.

Sen Wayne A Harper

Sen. Wayne A. Harper

American politician and a Republican member
of the Utah State Senate

Senator Wayne A. Harper, a steadfast figure in Utah’s political landscape, is recognised for his unwavering commitment to serving his constituents in the State Senate’s District 6. With a strong academic background, including a BA in History and an MS from Brigham Young University, Senator Harper brings a well-rounded combination of education and experience to his role. His vast expertise in Archiving, Real Estate, and Business Development has earned him numerous certifications and accolades from professional organisations.

Throughout his career, Senator Harper has held influential positions, such as West Jordan City Councilman and President of the Streamline Sales Tax Governing Board. He is an active participant on committees such as the Business, Economic Development, and Labor Appropriations Subcommittee and the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee. His unrelenting commitment to serving his community is reflected in his legacy politics.