Ganpatrao Deshmukh

Ganpatrao Deshmukh (10 August 1927 – 30 July 2021) was an Indian politician known for his long and dedicated service. Affectionately called “Abasaheb” and “Bhai” by the people, he was a prominent leader of the Peasants and Workers Party of India (PWP). Deshmukh held the distinction of being the longest-serving member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, having been elected a remarkable 11 times over a span of 54 years from the Sangola constituency in Solapur district.

Throughout his political career, Deshmukh enjoyed the trust and support of the local community, especially peasants and workers. He served as a minister in the First Sharad Pawar ministry in 1978 and again in 1999 when PWP supported the Congress-NCP alliance.

Deshmukh’s political journey began with his election to the State Assembly in 1962, and from that point onward, he emerged victorious in every subsequent election, except for the years 1972 and 1995. In 2012, both the government and the Assembly commended him on his exceptional milestone of completing 50 years as a member.

Even at the age of eighty-eight, in the 2014 Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election, Ganpatrao Deshmukh secured a historic 11th victory in the Sangola constituency, receiving an impressive 94,374 votes.