Lal Thanhawla

Lal Thanhawla (born 19 May 1942) is a prominent Indian politician from Mizoram. He served as the Chief Minister of Mizoram for multiple terms, playing a crucial role in the state’s development and political landscape. Thanhawla, affiliated with the Indian National Congress (INC), led Mizoram through significant progress and focus on infrastructure, education, and social welfare programs. He prioritized environmental conservation and sustainable development during his tenure.

Lal Thanhawla’s political journey began in the 1960s, and he played a pivotal role in the Mizoram Peace Accord of 1986, bringing an end to the insurgency in the state. He served as the Chief Minister from 1984 to 1986, 1989 to 1998, and 2008 to 2018. Thanhawla’s leadership saw notable improvements in road networks, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions in Mizoram.

As a popular figure in Mizoram politics, Lal Thanhawla made significant contributions to the state’s socio-economic development. Although his party faced defeat in the 2018 state elections, his legacy remains associated with the progress and welfare initiatives implemented during his tenure as Chief Minister.