The National Teachers’ Congress (NTC) is a pioneering initiative by the MIT World Peace University, Pune in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra, aimed at connecting the teaching fraternity across Bharat and abroad. Initiated in 2019, this conclave, aimed to bring together over 8000 teachers from undergraduate and postgraduate colleges, and those who lived abroad with Bharatiya origin.

The National Teachers’ Congress is an apolitical platform that serves as a bridge between faculty members globally, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The congress is dedicated to inspiring the teaching community to create future leaders and to bring positive change in society through innovative methods. A platform for like-minded faculty members, the NTC is formed to discuss and find solutions to the pressing issues in education and related sectors.

Aiming to encourage the faculty to move from mere teaching to mentoring, the NTC inculcates the best suitable value system in the young minds of the world. This conclave has the support and association of prominent organisations such as the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and UNESCO. The National Teachers Congress is poised to become a hub of ideas and practices, promoting international and regional understanding, intercultural dialogue and diversity.

Glimpses of National Teachers’ Congress