Neiphiu Rio

Neiphiu Rio (born 11 November 1950) is a prominent Indian politician from the state of Nagaland. He has held several key positions in the Nagaland government and has been instrumental in shaping the state’s political landscape.

Neiphiu Rio began his political career in the 1980s and was associated with the Naga People’s Front (NPF) party. He has served as the Chief Minister of Nagaland for multiple terms, making him one of the longest-serving Chief Ministers in the state’s history. Rio held the position from 2003 to 2014 and again from 2018 to the present.

Under Rio’s leadership, Nagaland witnessed significant progress and development across various sectors. He focused on infrastructure development, rural empowerment, and sustainable economic growth. Rio’s tenure saw the implementation of several welfare schemes, educational initiatives, and skill development programs for the people of Nagaland.

Beyond his role as Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio has actively worked towards resolving the long-standing Naga insurgency issue and has played a crucial role in peace negotiations. His efforts towards achieving peace and stability in the region have earned him respect and recognition.

Neiphiu Rio’s political career is characterized by his commitment to the welfare of the people of Nagaland and his efforts to bring about positive change. He continues to be a prominent figure in Nagaland politics, working towards the socio-economic development and upliftment of the state.