Bharat is a growing hub for economic and social activities. With increased globalisation and internationalisation as the world gets more interconnected, there is a need for international collaborations and cooperation. There are several issues which countries have to tackle on a national level. However, there are bigger social and environmental issues that the world is tackling. International collaborations can play a great role in tackling global challenges.

In the field of research and innovations, international collaborations can aid academicians to have great breakthroughs through help in experiments. Building a network of scholars and experts from different countries can foster developments in the fields of science and technology, which may not have been possible with a team of scientists from only one country due to limited resources. Academic institutions and students can benefit from the exchange of cultures and ideas acquiring an international perspective. Programmes that combine degrees promote academic collaboration, intercultural understanding, and the growth of a diverse and well-rounded pool of potential legislative professionals is the need of the hour.

Due to the diversified legislative structures of countries, there is a wide variety of legislative practices that countries implement for productivity. Sharing of best practices can aid the co-learning and co-creation of new ideas when it comes to legislation in countries. To exchange experiences, methods, and lessons gained, nations might organise conferences, workshops, and knowledge-sharing platforms. NLC Bharat is one such platform which can help foster international legislative collaboration. This platform is not only focused on national but also on international learnings. Different countries can come together and design such workshops for global development, especially now focusing on sustainable development. Developing effective and unique policies is extremely difficult due to the uncertain trial and effort practice that takes place regardless of how well-researched and theorised the policy is! Learning from other people’s mistakes and collecting human folly can allow legislators to increase the efficiency of decision-making.

With increased regulations and restrictions on an international level, it is extremely difficult for businesses and middle-class people seeking jobs to get access to the international audience. Multilateral agreements and other forms of cooperation can help domestic and international businessmen to get access to more opportunities. Facilitating trade can also allow small businesses to prosper. These kinds of agreements not only help international business but also bring prosperity to transacting countries. Regular communication and dialogue between countries can build trust and strengthen diplomatic relations which are extremely important for global peace.

Peer review is an upcoming concept that is becoming highly popular. Analysing and correcting each other’s mistakes can make learning and development faster and more efficient. This idea can be used in international legislative collaborations as well where legislators from different countries can analyse gaps in each other’s policies which can make new policies more effective and areas of improvement can be identified. This can also help in the area of research studies. Joint research projects can allow for the co-creation of fresh ideas and different minds put together for a project. All such joint ventures can also aid in increasing the transparency of policies. Policymakers will be aware of international practices & ongoing experiments if there is more international collaboration.

Today’s world is becoming more and more like a battle zone, and as a result, we have forgotten about more significant global challenges like poverty, hunger, climate change, and many more. These issues cannot be viewed as domestic problems. Global harmony, peace, and trust are essential for our ability to solve these issues as a group. We frequently ignore the more humanitarian approach because of civil wars, international conflicts, and power dynamics between political stakeholders.

At NLC Bharat, we aim to foster these collaborations and build trust over the years to increase interconnectedness and tackle issues related to healthcare, education, policy-making, corruption along with various other problems of relevance through collective effort to foster legislative collaboration amongst the legislative bodies from across the continent.