MIT School of Government, under the mentorship of Mr TN Seshen, former Chief Election Commissioner of Bharat, was established in 2005 to provide formal training to young individuals aspiring to make a career in politics. Founded on the belief that political leaders must provide effective leadership, regardless of their political ideologies, MIT-SOG encourages learning in civil service.

Each year, MIT School of Government conducts a National Level Felicitation Ceremony to recognise and honour the accomplishments of the successful candidates of the Civil Services Examination. To serve the country, aspiring individuals have to succeed in the challenging Civil Services Examination. MIT School of Government recognises the importance of this examination and salutes the youth who choose to pursue a career with a commitment to serving the nation.

This event is followed by interactive sessions with the aspiring youth, where they can discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead. This felicitation is a way of showing appreciation and faith in the system and its stakeholders. It has proven to inspire thousands of others who aspire to bring good governance and contribute to the nation through civil services. A small step in inspiring the youth to become true nation-builders of our democracy.

Glimpses of UPSC Felicitation